Music preferences, Spotify usage, and personality

Welcome to our survey about music prefererences, Spotify usage, and personality. This research is project of the Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg.

In our research, we aim to examine the relationship between certain personality characteristics and music preferences. And since music preferences are best expressed in what you actually listen to, we would like to collect some data on your usage of the Spotify music listening service.

Spotify offers an interface for external tools to access some of your data. During the course of this survey, we will ask you to give us temporary access to this data. You are in full control if you want to share this data or not. If you don't want to share your data, or if you don't use the Spotify music service, you can still continue this survey.

The data we aim to collect from Spotify includes your account type (premium or free), your most popular tracks, and your most popular artists. For a full overview of the data that we collect and how we store it, please see this page.

By filling out this survey, you contribute greatly to our research. In return, we will give you an overview of your music preference and personality profile at the end of the survey.

By participating in this survey, you agree that we store the data you provide us with in a database, and that we use this data for our research. The data may be shared with other researchers. The data is fully anonymized and no identifying information is stored. Again, please see this page if you have any questions on what data we collect and how we store it.

Thank you very much for participating in our study!

Dr. Kai Fricke
Dr. David Greenberg
Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg